Apex cloth using nvidia clothing tool crashes engine

I’ve been trying to apply an .apx file that I created using Nvidia Clothing tool profile to my material LOD but every time I apply it the engine crashes. Ive seen several threads online regarding the same problem but havent been able to find a solution. Neither .apx nor .apb work.
I am using blender which has no APEX cloth plugin so as I said I’ve been using Nvidia Clothing Tool Profile to make the fbxs.
I first imported my charcter fbx to ue4 with a 16.3 scale multiplier. I read that the problem could be due to the scale of the .apx file since it is exported in metric but there is no way to change export settings inside the clothing tool, so i exported out my persona mesh from ue4 and used that FBX as my mesh inside the clothing tool to try to maintain the scale.
I read this forum: Blender>Apex Clothing Tool>UE4? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums but that didnt give me a solution either.
It may be that creating the .apx files with the maya or 3ds plugins dont create the crash but I don’t have them so I can’t test it.

I have followed numerous tutorials online on the subject and nothing. Chances are we won’t find the solution in this thread either but I thought I’d try.

Suggestions for pleasant alternatives would also be great!

So I got this to work.
Primarily my cloth mesh was too complex. This is what was causing the crash. Changed out the mesh for a simpler one in blender, re-imported the mesh, and voila.
Also, not sure this is relevant or not, I parented the clothing object to the root bone of the armature and weighted it to the root as well.