APEX Cloth to UE4

Hey all out threre,

I have a problem when importing Nvidia Apex Cloth Data to UE4.
The mesh is modeled in Blender.

In the APEX SDK everything is working fine.

And also after the importing everything works fine for the basemesh.

But when I apply the cloth, the affected part is flying high in the air and bending like it´s a scaling problem.

So I decided to import it with 0.01 scale and the result looks like this.

The cloth is working fine, the affected part has the right scale, but the rest of the mesh is very very tine (in the red circle).

Do someone know this issue and can help me? :slight_smile:

Greetings Pascal

blender set up Blender 2 76b UE 4 10 Unit Setup - YouTube
blender > apex > ue4 Blender Apex UE4 Cloth Update 2015 12 20 - YouTube

yes it looks like a scaling issue, make sure you rest the scalin of everything including bone is blender Ctrl+a before you skin/vertex weighting

this was my last post hope help you?:

for those who look here, this error can have two reasons!

1.when you export apx file make sure you select correct scale inch, foot , or else check the scale of maya or other program must be the same.

2.some mesh can have polygons that cause this error like daz’s mesh you have to reduce polidensity as long as it works, also if the subdivision of polygons It is very asymmetric may cause this problem

Hope help someone!