Apex cloth - simulation and animation blending?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone knows if its possible in UE4 to make a piece of apex cloth blend from being fully simulated, to fully driven by a skel anim?

It seems there were a lot more attributes exposed in UE3 for controlling apex cloth, than there now are in UE4.


specifically, does anyone know if it’s possible to control the clothMaxDistanceScale? I’m hoping this is just a case where Epic hasn’t quite got around to fully exposing Apex settings, but we might see them in a future release.


Old thread, but running into this issue now. These old and extra attributes from UE3 would be great to have. Especially controlling the strength of the cloth vs being driven by pure animation.

I know nvidia released their source, but I’m not sure if Apex itself is in there to expose more options.

Edit: Found a solution. It’s BP driven: Get Cloth Max Distance Scale | Unreal Engine Documentation