Apex cloth questions

I use blender and have a complicated character with complicated cloth. I’m using the NVidia apex cloth tool to import my fbx mesh and skeleton to work on getting a physics file out of it. however, the built in physics collisions generator won’t cut it, it really sucks. I’d like to make my own physics mesh for my character and bring it into the apex program but there are no documentations on it, I don’t know if it can be done. Also, why the hell do all cloths in apex look like cotton or silk? No matter what perameters I tweak with even all damping options on max, it still just looks like cotton and silk but in slow motion. Really, I’m only worried about the physics mesh. I don’t want to generate it inside that program. (I know maya or 3dsM has a an apex plugin, and I have both programs but I refuse to use them again.) Any help would be great, thanks.