Apex cloth problem

I’m trying to make cloth for a character. After importing the fbx file and the .apx file created in the clothing tool, all I get is this. Has anybody had this problem before ? How can I fix this ?
Original mesh in blender.
I’m pretty sure I did all the steps right and the simulation played fine in the clothing tool, but it still won’t work in ue4.

I am having the same problem when truying to use apex clothing tool. anyone can help in this topic? thanks

Same here.

A simple flag model done in blender 2.75a :

  • pole
  • cloth
  • 2 bones
  • 2 materials

works fine in apex tool, also generating tangents, and inside ue4 everything is fine untill you add the clothing to the element, the mesh gets distorted, the apex file imports fine without error.

Something goes wrong and there is no way to know what it is.

You’re all using the Clothing Tool, rather than the DCC plugins (3DS Max/Maya)?

I’m wondering because it seems odd that you’d all have the same/similar problem, unless it’s something to do with the Clothing Tool itself, which doesn’t happen when using the art package plugins.

Yes, blender fbx export has many issues with the nvidia clothing tool.

  • RootNode bone is created by the cloth tool, changing the skeleton structure making the fbx not compatible with the generated apx/apb in ue4
  • in blender symetric bones are generally named bone.R and bone.L, they become bone_L/bone_R at import in ue4, and the apx file references the names with dot instead of the names with underscores. so you have to get rid of the dots in all the bone names of your blender armature
  • tangents issues.
  • some bone weighting error message with the fbx, im not sure, maybe because of the non-deforming bones like rootNode needed by the nvidia clothing tool, no mesh is weighted to this bone and there is an error message in the fbx import.

Using 3dsmax dcc works fine with the flag tutorial from nvidia.