APEX cloth from Blender to UE4

Hi guys,

I have a character which I had rigged in blender using Rigify and I managed to import it into UE4 without any issues. But after I used the Nvidia Clothing tool to author the Apex cloth, I get this error when I try to import the apx into UE4:


It looks like the apx file seems to have replaced the underscores in the joint names to dots. DEF-forearm_02_L has been changed to DEF-forearm.02.L. Any idea why this is happening?

Unreal importer replaces bone name characters “-” and “.” by “_”

But the apx file stays with the original bone names.

You can edit the apx file search/replace all bone names and replace the characters manually to match the imported names in unreal or rename the bones inside blender and redo your physx setup.

I managed to fix this by just editing the rigify script to name all the bones with “_” rather than “-”