Apex Cloth for Hair and coat

I have a few questions about this. I know that there’s a build I can go get to allow for Nvidia’s Hairworks, but looking at the vague tutorial makes it feel like it’s way over my head. I was wondering what I need to do in order to get a character ready for apex cloth.

I want to use it on my character’s sculpted hair and his jacket. Do I need to rig him without these Items or do I need to rig him with them? (He’d be bald in the rig and wouldn’t have the jacket on. I am using Mixamo to rig).

How much would someone charge to do it for me? I mean in case I have a hard time and decide to pay to have it done. I would much rather have hairworks for his hair though.

Hey I’m not an expert on this but i’ve been using it lately and got some knowledge over it.

You can do it in both ways: rig it all together or separate. As long as you use the same rig for all the elements you’re good to go. You’ll need to use smooth bind option when binding the meshes to your rig (this is a requirement in maya atleast).

Even if you want to make 2/3 separate meshes (the main rig, the hair and the jacket) you’ll better do the apex cloth work with everything together yo make sure your collisions are correctly working.

The main problem is that you’ll need 3ds max, maya or the standalone tool as ULLS mentioned in the post bellow ^^, to work with apex cloth. It’s in there where you’ll generate the neccesary files to load in ue4 for the cloth to work.

Dunno about that i’ve only worked for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not true, there is a standalone tool to create the necessary files and it works really well too. (on clothing at least)

Oh! yeah you’re right, I completely forgot about that. Sorry, my bad.

Where’s the download for the clothing tool at (I do have an NVIDIA dev account, just not seeing it in the downloads list)? Is it with the APEX SDK?

Edit: Found it! Included in the APEX SDK download!

Thanks everyone, I’m going to give this a try starting with the jacket (Think that will be easiest)