Apex Cloth dont work for me

Hey guys, it try to use nvidia cloth simulation. I am still on the try out path and play with basic cloth things. But right now I have a problem. In 3ds max everything is fine, but in unreal engine 4.14 nothing is working. the cloth dont react with wind etc.

Here is what I`ve done:

3ds Max Simulation with Nvidia Cloth:

3ds Max Settings:

Than I`ve selected everything and exported as fbx with this settings:

After that I`ve exported everything as PhysX File with this settings:

Than I`ve imported first the fbx in unreal with “skeletal mesh” and “import mesh” clicked ON. So after import my folder looks like:

In my Mesh “Flagge” I`ve go to “clothing” on the “asset details” tab. put in my apex clothing file, than it looks like this:

but after putting this mesh in the scene with a wind direction source, nothing is happend. I also miss the show wind preview in my mesh preview. I used apex cloth one year ago and with this workflow everything was fine. but now, my cloth dont want to react with the wind in the engine. can someone help me with that?

thanks :slight_smile:


  1. Which version of Apex do you use 3.4.0? this last seems to be still in beta but this the only one which works with UE4.14.
  2. When Exporting from 3dsmax use FBX 2013
  3. When importing apx on skeletal mesh

Look at your screen!

  1. For Section0 (the flag), you haven’t apply the physx
  2. Remove the physx for section1

Then, when previewing the mesh, it doesn’t work for me! Don’t know why!
So put the wind and your asset in your level!

I have corruption problem when export/import from 3dsmax (2017for me) to UE4.14 with 3.3.x plugin.


  1. I use plugin version 3.3.2… Do you think I should try the 3.4.0 version?
  2. Yes I used the FBX 2013 format for export
  3. You are right! now I have the wind settings in my “show” tab of the preview screen. But still nothing happend… Screenshot - 6742526b496501304fdc296b2ad1d9f2 - Gyazo

I will try the 3.4. version and give you an update.

omg! Sometimes I am just too stupid lol! thanks a lot! this helps!

You’re welcome!