Apex cloth can't apply in UE4.16

Hi I can’t apply Apex cloth in UE4.16.2and3.
import .apx is ok. only can’t apply cloth.
Error : failed to generate skinning data, found conincident vertices in triangle
A=X=-0.059 Y=-0.015 Z=0.812 B=X=-0.053 Y=-0.025 Z=0.817 C=X=-0.057 Y=0.014 Z=0.812

I used the tutorial model wearing green trench coat. I’v not modify it.
checked skin weight influence under 4.

I could’t find solution. please help me. does anyone have the same problem?
if you can use Japanese, please answer by it. English is fine too.
if the sentence have any mistake, I apologize it. thanks.

I’m actually having the exact same problem in 4.16.3. An answer would be greatly appreciated!

Having the same problem.

I think I figured it out, make sure when exporting to FBX that animation is turned on, skinning will not export otherwise. Also, make sure you are using and exporting Z-up in Maya, if not the kinematic rag-doll will act weird in unreal.

Guys I fix it that way -
Change export units in apex exporting options,
I was exporting in metric and have the same issue, when i change for centimetric (i have in UE centrimetric units) everything was fine! TRY IT!

Thank you for your help. I will try it.

I’m sorry for the late response. Thank you for your help.

I have this problem too, I haven’t been able to find an answer either. I have tried everything in this thread.

I have the same problem although in my model one part of it works perfectly with cloth and I’m unable to create clothing data for another one (the same model only different material). Have no idea why. Any further suggestion from someone?
Edit: Forgot to mention that I didn’t upload any external .apx, only working with Unreal cloth tools.

Found answer under another, similar question, hope it can help someone: