Apex Animation Works Fine, Till You Look Away

I have a curtain that is using an Apex animation as a cloth to open and close. Works well, until I look away from the curtain, then look back at the curtain. The curtain kind of jumps and becomes completely gibbered. Is there a way I can keep this from happening? Perhaps freeze the curtain when the animation stop and unfreezes when an animation starts again? Or is it some type of setting that is making it jump when the camera is not in view? Or is this a bug?

Here is a view after it opens correctly.

Here is a view when you look away, then look back at the curtain.

Does anyone have a clue or a suggestion on why this is happening? Do I need to provide more detail? Any assistance would greatly help.

people dont usually answer here.

Oh, well where do they answer Unreal questions?

not really

You could try answerhub.

Have you been able to fix it? what about other aphex animations? (hell, how I can make one? xD)

For what it’s worth, I also have this issue.


I have already posted on AnswerHub. No answer there yet.


No I have not been able to fix this issue. Its the only Apex animation I have, but I will experiment with other models just to test.


If you ever figure it out, be sure to share.

Is it possible to get support from Epic? I can not find it.

chose current preset “Autodesk Media & entertainment” while export fbx in 3d max…