I am attaching a few pictures and a video about some tests on lighting and programming developed on Unreal Engine.
What can I say, we are more than happy with the result !!!
Thanks to all the developers at Epic, you are amazing.


Very nice, I like the black sofa. Could probably use a little more lighting around the table area, but otherwise nice work. =)

Cool images Aleda and really a great video (even the other posted on Vimeo). Two questions:
I see that you are Italian, where are you from?
how did you put the images in the thread? (when I add some attachment it will be visualized as just a thumbnail, impossible to view at its original size)
…one more little question, I’ve tried to make a video from matinee, but just for few seconds I found an incredibly heavy file (2/3 Gb)…waht is the “correct way”?

Ciao, Paolo

^You have to use the insert image button in the toolbar above the text box, not the add attachments button. It’s right between the unlink and video button symbols.

Thanks a lot SE_JonF! …have you read the “update” to my previous reply? (maybe you could helpful again)

I just really want that leather material. It’s spot-on.

Yeah the brown leather sofa in that second picture looks fantastic, could be a real picture. Agree that the black table is a little dark but overall v nice work.

Can I ask, did you use koola’s lighting method with the spot and quad?

Yes, I’m Italian.
Regarding the lighting I used a hybrid method, some spot on external plans to simulate indirect light coming from the outside, and in order to better define the shadows. Near the windows have I placed the other, but by activating the Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows.
Below the shader of the sofa.