Hi guys.
I’m working on a interior and I did a comparative between the original photo and UE4.


Great work! It is always a great feeling when you are having a hard time deciding which image is real and which image is, dare I say, “Unreal”! Keep up the strong work!

I couldn’t tell which one was a photo, and which one was real. Stunning work.

Absolutely incredible work, very impressive lighting

Bro, this is absolutely insane. I’ve spent ten minutes trying to figure out which one is in Unreal and I am still not sure. Amazing work. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Here are some pics in the lighting mode


Very nice. Seems I was right about which one was ue4. Still hard to determine though. Fantastic work.

thanks! I updated with a video.


It looks like the perfect horror game waiting to be made :slight_smile:

Needs more hallways of blood

This is by far the best work I have seen in any archviz, surpassing V-Ray work, it even surpasses the famous Paris Flat. :smiley:

I really hope you provide a downlaod link to try this masterpiece just like how Paris Falt demo provided a link for that (that is why he became famous), just like you provided a download link for Modern Kitchen and Venezia which are really amazing too, but nothing cmpared to this. I say this again, this is the best realtime archviz I have ever seen. Congrats !

you’ve really cracked the achviz! :slight_smile:

LOL, there are two threads with the same title, sorry guys.

I updated with more stills


I’m thinking in release a playable demo in the future!

Is that like a forum bug or something? I keep seeing double threads around here. =P New photos look incredible, really brought the place to life even more.

Really fantastic work. Your lighting is especially inspiring. I’d love to see a video walking through the environment, the slow camera pans are great and all too :slight_smile:

Looks so realistic cant even tell which image is actual photo and which one is 3D?

I was wondering if you only used unreal engine or you made thus 3D objects in autodesk or something.

I’m going to go a bit Laurie Anderson on this and suggest you need to add some dirt to truly capture reality.
I have never met an environment that didn’t have a little dust, a slight suggestion of dirt or a hint of chaos, and I strongly suspect that is a major difference between VR and Reality.
Other than that you have created a wonderful environment, that could be well used by any assassin with OCD or my ex. :slight_smile:

I think the UE4 pics are more realistic than the real ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just watched your video, then suddenly I want to cry when i look at my apartment… :frowning:
Awesome piece. I love the details on the sofa.

I updated the video with the walkthrough!

simply amazing. You really know how to push the engine to the limit as far as ‘photorealism’ goes.