Hey guys,

This is a little test from my latest work.

UPDATE : A new video with some clay renderings

Looking good dude! :slight_smile:

great job !

Very nice, I like it. =)

nice lightning and shiny :slight_smile: … remember days when you had to wait for hours for render something like this?

That black ball above the dining table seems a little low

I updated with a new video and some clay renderings!

Very, very good viz sir!

This is by far the best work I have seen in any archviz, surpassing V-Ray work, it even surpasses the famous Paris Flat. :smiley:

I really hope you provide a downlaod link to try this masterpiece just like how Paris Falt demo provided a link for that (that is why he became famous), just like you provided a download link for Modern Kitchen and Venezia which are really amazing too, but nothing cmpared to this. I say this again, this is the best realtime archviz I have ever seen. Congrats !

wow this is fantastic!

Very nice work, i have a question, does clay renders help to increase the fps? Im new to unreal and my computer doesn’t have a lot of power amd im looking for ways to accomplish something nice with what i have