Apartment 36

Hi. We are currently working to make a horror game which is gonna be located in a apartment similar to Silent Hill P.T. Our goal is trying to make the game look as photorealistic as possible. Here are couple of screenshots from early work in progress.



ps. Feedback much appreciated!

Cool. Models look good but I feel you can do more with the lighting.

Also, the floor could be more shiny. Hope that helps.

Looks good, but the tables (don’t know the english word) are reflecting way too much in my opinion (:

I really really like the look of that so far man, great! :slight_smile:

Although I agree with the above comment, the reflections are quite big off of the surface, I’d ton them down a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve now changed couple surfaces, example from the table it’s now marble. Scene also has more details now like you can see in this new picture.


More screenshots!


This game looks fantastic!!! One of the best looking games in Unreal Forums! Keep up the good work!

Close up from marble table filled with props.


Looking better. Nice job.

hi, i have a question, what size are generating lightmaps so you can see such details on the cupboard?

Lightmaps are in the scene only 64 resolution and preview quality!

no it’s strange for me at 2048 are formed black surface

see this topic

Just a heads up but your rug, cig’s, knife/knifeblock, microwave, cup and VHS tape seem to be pulled from this guys scene.

So? You can use those assets in Unreal 4 projects. Scifi-bunker is one of the Epic’s demos and all demo props can be used for own games made with Unreal 4.

The scene is actually created by Liam Tart, not Epic. It’s listed under Community Contributions so it does sound like it might be permissible to use the assets, but to stay safe you should probably ask him directly unless permissions are explicitly specified somewhere.

I know that Liam Tart has created the scene. In the description of SciFi Bunk, there is clear statement that says “Licensed for Use Only with Unreal Engine based products”.

Hey man,

I don’t mind you using my assets as long as you credit me if you release your scene! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Hi PogoP

We are really glad you like our scene and we will definitely put your name on the credits. Keep up the good work and make us amazed by your work in the future as well.

ps. More pictures coming soon so stay tuned!

New screenshot. Now we have added better and more atmospheric lighting, changed some of the materials and added more props. What do you think?



Nice! The atmospheric lighting blends all together nicely. Maybe adjust some of the harshest highlights like in the flower and vases on the top cupboard? (not it has a little bit of a cheap tv-show’s fake night effect in it) … Dunno :smiley:

Anyway, nice work!