AO's Action RPG Camera

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A plugin camera developed for third person action RPGs as well as other types of third person games. Modeled after popular Action RPG games with many configuration options and smooth camera movement regardless of player input.

Several advanced options for controlling the camera, and enabling/disabling every feature as required by your project. There are 23 separate config options for changing the behavior of the camera.


  • Usable from both Blueprints and C++.
  • Tested with and fully supports gamepads and keyboard/mouse input.
  • Camera can be set to follow any target actor, but is tested with a player pawn.
  • 23 separate config options for changing the camera behavior.
  • Setting and smoothing the camera boom distance with separate values for the player moving towards and away from the camera.
  • Camera boom pitch smoothing down/up when player moves away/towards camera, separately controlled values.
  • Camera boom yaw smoothing towards the player movement direction.
  • Camera boom lag when the player moves.
  • Camera look-at position lag when the player moves.
  • Camera minimum/maximum pitch.

Feedback and comments welcome! I’ll continue to improve the plugin based on your feedback.

Blueprint Camera Hookup

Camera Config Options