AO pop up in rendering of animated camera

Hello everyone,

I’m new user of UE4 and I’m already impressed how usable it is for our animation works.
In my latest tests I have a problem with ambient occlusion in rendering. Camera is animated and AO shows with lag in parts near edge, as camera moves on that parts.
I’m not sure if I explain that well. It’s like post processing starts when camera shows the part of object where it is near the ground, and AO just pop up.

I’ve tried to change render settings in animation tab but I didn’t find solution.

I will appreciate if someone can help me to solve this problem.

Thank you.

This pics shows state before AO shows, and after camera shows entire object (wooden block in the middle).

what about using raytracing?

Thank you YuuJin for the advice. This is solution.
Only render problem I have now is that if I render it in 4K (with raytracing) rendering crushes after 100 frames, 1080p render is ok.
I will check if there is solution for that.

I would still love to find the solution without raytracing. I guess that there is a way to show AO correctly near the edge of the frame.

you could render bigger and crop it