Anyway to try install plugins of UE4 in UE5?

Im trying to upgrade my project, but it have many plugins, and they are in 4.27 yet. I dont want wait all devs update to 5.0 and be stuck with my project. So there is a way to copy folder of plugins and paste on 5.0? UE4 had a “marketplace” folder with all plugins, but now even after installed some free plugin, this folder was not created in 5.0. So how we can use old plugins inside 5.0?

You could make a Plugins directory in your project’s directory, then copy the plugins you need from your 4.27 Marketplace directory into that directory. Then Generate Project Files again and try building the project fresh.

But keep in mind, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll work, or even compile; there’s a definite chance that they won’t. All it guarantees is that they’ll be there for the project to find.

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You would still have to compile the plugin for a newer version of Unreal. But since there are a lot of API changes they most likely won’t work.

Here is a tutorial for plugin compilation:

You can also check the forums thread for each plugin to see if there are any instructions to compensate for the API changes, like changing some variables or function names etc before compiling.

Thanks guys, I tried the project folder, but won’t work. So was better send a message to plugin devs, one of them already sent to epic! I will need patience now :neutral_face: