Anyway to reference specific collision meshes?

I’ve got a box and I want to do a few things with it.

I want the box to be destroyed if it’s hit with a projectile, and I want the box to kill the player ONLY if the player collides with the bottom of the box (gets squashed.)

At current, the box properly registers the projectile collision and dies if shot anywhere, but the player collision is detected all over the box.

I found out how to add additional collision meshes in the static mesh editor, but I’m wondering how or if I can reference each one. If for instance I can say player collides with collision1, do nothing, if player collides with collision2, kill.

And if I’m just an idiot, anyone have any suggestions on how I could go about doing this differently? I’ve spent all day googling, I just don’t really know what I’m googling for, I guess.

Maybe you can get the result hit location and compare it with ur box location. Since the pivot point is at the bottom, if hit.location.z > actor.location.z then you know it didn’t collide from the bottom.