Anyway to make Grid darker or more apparent?

Is there a way to make the grid more visible in some way? I like using the grid when designing but as is, it is difficult to see. Customization options of the grid (line thickness, grid color etc.) would be great if not already available. After a quick google search I came up with answers as to how to turn grid on and off but nothing about changing grid color or making it darker.


haha ohh man yes id love a way to do this if nothing more that im used to seeing it in maya. i haven’t seen my grid since starting work on my main project

I don’t think there are specific options for it, but if you are feeling adventurous you could just manually adjust the grid material. If you turn on show engine content in the content browser you can see all the assets used by the editor, including the material used to render the grid. Open it up and you can change anything you’d like.

Knowing my luck I will probably break the whole program ^^^. If nothing else count it as a feature request in an update. It doesn’t even need to be a custom grid, but if there was a “grid” option in the lit, unlit, wire frame perspective menu, that would be good.

Yeah, this would be a nice feature to have…