Anyway to fix a "corrupt" blueprint

I don’t know how i did it this time, but i corrupted my “my character blueprint”. If i right click on it, or try to open it, the editor just crashes to desktop.
Strangely enough i took a backup about half an hour before the editor crashed for the first time (when i thought the blueprint got corrupted), but even restoring this backup it seems to still be corrupted. But back then the game was working fine… So something about reloading the editor is breaking things i think…

Quite annoyed by this, as I’ve now lost about 5 hours work, and i have no idea why.

So is there anyway i can debug/fix this?


I had the same problem.

  1. Remove the corrupted blueprint from your project, and verify that your project works when its gone.
    2.If 1 is True, go to “Your_Project_name/saved/backup” there should be multiple copies of your blueprint at various stages. use that, rename and move as appropriate.
    3.If 1 is False, Keep removing things until your project works to find out the problem.
    4.Failing all that, post the project and I am willing to take a look.

Thanks for that, that’s very useful. But it’s also proven my issue even further. The last 5 autobackups are all corrupt. How is that possible? Somehow i was working with corrupt data for an hour and it wasn’t noticeable until i restarted.

Thankfully I’m now only loosing 1 hour work instead of 5 thanks to you.

glad to help :slight_smile:

This won’t help after the fact, but having a Source Control server up is a good precaution. I use a Perforce server, and submit my changes fairly often, basically as soon as I add new assets/files or something is working as I like I do a checkin. A principal they taught in school when using Maya, was “Save early and Often”.

I have had the same problem here in UE4 with a blueprint that caused the Editor to crash, being able to restore from source control and not have to rely on the Editor’s save system, which may have been what messed it up in the first place, has been a simple solution for me.

I have only had this problem with AnimBlueprints.

I thought that you couldn’t just copy assets into the project folder like that but this method mentioned above does work for me.
This has saved me at least a day’s worth of work. So i’m very grateful for the advice:) Can you add new assets to a project
in this manner? It would be very nice to just copy files from one project to another.

Thank you, slayeruk! You saved me a weeks worth of work.

Thanks again. This still works in 4.19. I had an issue with changing a struct, which I think I actually saved just before a crash. A few files were autorecovered and 5-10 of them crashed the engine, seemingly because they referenced the wrong version of the struct. Using this method only on the struct (reverting it to its state from earlier today) saved all files from crashing the engine. Thank you.