Anything special has to be done in order to give your players access to the console in-game?

When I distribute my game, you can’t access the console with either tab or ~. Is it because of how I build the game? I use CookPackages -platform=PC -final_release. Do I need to change something to leave the console in the game?

If you cook your game with -final_release, players won’t have access to the console. Just leave that out, and players will be able to use the console. Not sure what else this changes.

From curiosity,why do you need to give the console to the players?You know how easy is for someone new to start shooting in found commands on udn and break the game :smiley: All though it does depend of the type of game and probably mods?
In my case I’m doing a rail shooter and it will take one wrong command from someone to break/interefer with the gameplay.

I’m making a single-player RPG that’s still in the testing phase. A couple of cheat codes might help the game go faster. And when people start modding the game (I’m including the editor), they may want to test things out using the console too.

If I were making a competitive online shooter or something like it, I definitely wouldn’t allow console access.

You should post in the projects section so we can see your latest progress.