Anything on how to make a Bow weapon?

Hey there

I have yet to try and write C++ code for UE4 but I do have experience with C#, Java and various scripting languages and also Blueprint. I have also tried to learn C++ multiple times but not quite had projects to do so I didn’t really keep learning. This time I will use UE4 to try and learn as I go. So I have made a First Person template with C++ code and the first thing I wanna try and make, is a bow weapon that makes use of ballistic physics when shooting arrows.

I tried to google for this at first but couldn’t find anything. Would one of you know of a series of videos or articles that describes the process of making a bow weapon for my character to use?
If not, could you give pointers on how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

It’s VR related and I haven’t watched it myself, but maybe there is something useful in this:

Skimming through it seems like that’s straight Blueprint though and not C++.