I have added you :slight_smile: Check if you have received a request

Hehe I’ve got it!

Accepted it but there’s no one in the list, not sure what’s going on.

Ahh, you mean that. Currently the launcher is a little bit laggy -> I had to send you several requests till it worked. Just restart the launcher and make sure that you are logged in (in my list you are displayed as offline) :smiley:

Ha! I guess it’s the excitement for today’s news that’s making it laggy.

And no, actually you are my first friend but you are still not showing in the list so… /foreveralone, lol.

Hey guys,

your right with all the heavy traffic, the backend for our friend services are currently down. I’ll update you guys when we get new information.

  • B.

I added you, it’ll send once the system is back up. I’ll add anyone as a friend! I’m trying to have more friends than . Hah

ill add ya im looking to find as many people as possible

anyone else wanna be friends as well? add: CNKIT

I just saw that there is a friend system lol :smiley: A bit premature no?