Anyone working on something Fallout 3-ish?

Hey everyone, been a while. In my fervor to learn, I seem to have shut myself in for a couple months, and have not been keeping up with all that the community has been doing. After my current project, I was hoping to get into messing around with something that might resemble a fallout 3 ish theme. I, however, am kinda daunted at the thought of setting all that up by myself.

SO, my question is, is anyone currently working on a project that is fallout esque, or better yet, is anyone making something like it for the marketplace?

If not, then does anyone know if there are tutorials/marketplace options for all the necessary components?

My interest comes from wanting a sort of playground for testing out my vfx work, and eventually some of my gun work (when I get around to learning that part). I might even want to get together a small team for said purpose if there will be a need to put various parts together (like stitching together weapons, inventory, movement, etc), though that much is probably far in the future.

anyone? Nothing, really?

Sorry, no Fallout 3-ish here.

Just Hitman: Blood Money-ish for me. :slight_smile:

I’m going to build a level. and then put it out there, and hopefully there will be a few people who like it enough to volunteer to help build more.

Does anyone look in the “Work in Progress” forum to see if there is something they want to help out with, or is it just the “Got Skills? Looking for Talent?” forum?

Hey Knobbynobbes!
Keep in mind that many development teams are not allowed to talk about projects that are in development due to NDA documents. So there might be something in development. I hope so because I enjoyed Fallout3 and the New Vegas version of the game. One thing for sure is that would be a very BIG project to do successfully. Lots of mission to develop, lot’s of story to write, lot’s of assets/programming to create and lots of testing to do.

BTW, didn’t I meet you and Jessie in Portland at the first UE4 developers meet? I think I gave you a DVD video demo of my project.

Hhhmmm, yea, I think I did meet you in Portland, but that was at the end of the meet and I don’t see a dvd in my pile-o-stuff that I came home with, so you might have run out by that point? And I don’t mean a WHOLE game, I mean just enough to be fallout esque, like working inventory system (even if its basic), working movement system, working BASIC weapon system, etc.

Can’t really say too much, but yes, I am working on something fallout’ish. I do have a working inventory and stats system and radiation (being post apocolyptic). Also worldspace/interior system, with complete memory state saving, so returning back to existing areas, everything is where it was left. (Experimenting using portals to travel from exterior to interior with no loading).