Anyone with past experience w/ Substance Designer?

If you have experience with Substance Designer, I know it’s not technically compatible with UE4 yet (to my knowledge at least). But I am wondering, are you able to export the substances you create as textures and bring them in to UE4? (either export from Substance Designer or Maya)?

  1. There is plugin which you can install if you’re using github version of engine Substance Plugin Released - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums
  2. Some time in the future there will plugin that require regular version of UE
  3. Of course there is no problems with importing textures(They are basically just images) from SD into UE

Awesome I didn’t know about the plugin!

As for the texture thing, that’s great to hear. I wasn’t sure if you could actually export them from SD, or if you could only make substance files. But I was playing around with the Maya substances lately and impressed by them, and the indie pricing on SD is great! =)

This is the entire point of the application! Yes, you can export textures directly out of Substance :wink: