Anyone willing to support?

We are a dev team of 10 and only 6 working. Im the youngest (13) and the oldest is 16. Were developing a RPG Open world game and really want to get the word out.

I approved your post, but you should read this:

And start smaller than open world RPG, you guys may get quite old before you finish open world RPG in such small team (i am talking about 500ish years or so).
But first proper recruitment thread.

Sent an email

Sent an email :slight_smile: , We are 2 guys willing to help!

How about some more detail? The current teams experience. I’m a little confused by “We are a dev team of 10 and only 6 working.”. Are you saying you have ten people who are considered on your dev team, but only six will be working on this project; Or that six people in your team work other paying jobs? More clarification would help.
Best of luck!

If u dont have any objection… I could help u… I m only 17… I have previous experience with FPSc and Unity…(not much)…But i could help If u begin the project after April 10, 2016

Hello! Im a hobbyist looking to gain some experience by helping you out with blueprint scripting tasks.

You can send me small, self contained projects that i can send in completed to your specifications (sorta like contractual work). I work 90%in blueprints with tiny amount of competence with c++.

I can also help with general scripting, game design, project planning etc.

I CAN’T: animate, 3D model, do netcode… (at least not yet :slight_smile: )

To give you an idea of my current level of competence level:
You could request i do a procedural road generator that takes in:

  1. a lenghtOfRoad float,
  2. a typeOfRoad int array (containing integers corresponding to say 1 - dirt, 2 - coblestone, 3 - highway with the array containing the type of roadthe generator should procedurally transition between)
  3. and startPoint and endPoint vectors
    Which outputs a spline that starts and ends at the designated vectors, meanders, snaps to the landscape elevation, and with point indicators (telling your road texture spawner to make it dirt or cobblestone etc from that point onwards).

Send me a shoutout if youre interested in letting me help out :slight_smile:

I can help if you are willing to email met at

Hi, i’m new to all of this & i’m also making a game myself but i wouldn’t mind helping with ideas. As of right now i have no skill set so i’m learning while i go but again i can help you come up with ideas for any & everything that has to do with your game.

i really love to join with your team, iam a new guy my self but my pc run with celeron 1840 socket 1150 and no vga, not sure what i can do for the moment but if you can still get me a position in the team then i will do anything i could.

also iam not a good game maker, so can you guy teach me ue4?

not sure what i can help but i do what i can, iam new to ue4 my self so teach me