Anyone watching the Six Nations?

Are there any rugby fans out there? Which teams do you support? (Club, International, etc)

I am, But it would appear that not many people are.

At the moment I think its still quite open. Ireland currently have an advantage but if Wales beat them at home then its a 3 way fight for the finish between Ireland, England and Wales. I do feel sorry for Scotland, they have nearly been there a few times, but need that extra gear. I did enjoy beating Wales in that opening game, so much razza-mataz could have mistaken it for a Super Bowl wannabe, I felt it was all unnecessary, there has never been a lack of passion in an England - Wales Game.

I think its going to be interesting to see how we all do at the World Cup against the Southern Hemisphere teams, with Australia having to play both England and Wales at Twickenham and the Millennium Stadium it is possible that they could be going home early.

that was an incredible last day, each game just got better an better! I’m glad there’s at least 1 other person on these forum into rugby xD

Roll on the world cup. I’ve managed to get a ticket for a south africa game, so looking forward to that. It’s going to be an exciting year!

What is the six nations?

It’s a rugby competition between 6 international rugby teams: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. Ireland just won it for a second year in a row.