Anyone want to help make a fps kit free for the community?

Hey does anyone want to help make a First person shooter project, free for anyone to use? I want to make one, but im not the best at UE4. And i could us some help.

There’s already a free FPS project available from Epic along with an FPS template.

Yeah i know there’s a simple project on the launcher, but i mean a project like this,

So really what you want is to get that for free

Wich part of such project do you plan on doing?

Yeah, i want to make something that doesn’t cost cash. Something for everyone to have fun with lol

Well I plan on helping as much as possible, I’m no expert of Ue4, but I’ll try my best. Just as I ask for anyone who is going to do this project to.

I think you will struggle with there already being a template however I agree that the template is fairly bare no aim down sight, crouch/prone, throwable weapons, melee etc I’m not committing to any projects beyond my own but once I have those aspects built and functional I’m more than happy to contribute them.

And what exactly is as much as you can help? Animation? sound? programming? particle fx? 3D modeling at least one weapon?

There are great free resources on here, but sometimes you need to search around:

Why not familiarize yourself with how these work for starters, then build on that:!

The idea for what… to… do…Hmmm… Nah.

Yeah… Hopefully this is not what he or she had in mind… sure looks like it tho.

Thnks for the link! But i still want to make a community project. Any ideas in mind?

This is an important question. What do you intend to do to help this actually happen? It’s one thing to say you’re going to do the work and another to actually do it.

See also:

Okay guys, I was just asking if anyone wanted to start a community project, Idk what you guys want to do for that project, but I have an idea for a survival game. If anyone is interested. And I’m pretty good at designing aspects of game mechanics, I’m no expert at Ue4 but i do dedicate alot of time to trying to teach myself, and watch tutorials on how to do things in Unreal. So I think this project could be a good way for me to get some experience and lean some things from experts.

@whitershade01: You should really be more precise in what you like to accomplish and that you have what it takes to lead such a project.

  1. What is the goal and first milestones of the Pprojekt ( a “FPS” or “survival game” is not enough just 2 different genres)?
    There is already the shooter game from Epic and Tom Loomans survival game for free, what is different in you’re project?

  2. What are the basic mechanics you like to implement? E.g. a simple dialogue+quest system and inventory OR inventory and crafting-system?
    How do you plan and make sure all those mechanics work together if the development is distributed to the community (thereby different people working in different ways/quality/speed…?)

  3. What are the standards set (e.g. naming conventions, re-usabiblity of 2d and 3d assets, coding stuff, source-control and folderstructure fileguidelines …)

  4. How can you make sure the standards are kept and that the results are worth publishing, e.g. good performance (i guess no one want a “bad” solution to anything even if its for free) ?

  5. Do you know the collaborative workflows to distribute work-packages and control the results? Describe what tools you would like to use, e.g. perforce for source control, google-drive for project documents/colaboration, Discord chat, Trello…

And so on.

In general show that you have thought thru the whole process and that you have a plan to realise it. This does not mean that all those things have to be set in stone, but if you dont tell that you know the challenges and have solutions for this, then people have to assume you’re just wishfull thinking or are just looking for people that work for you for free.

@Vollgaser: Ight, thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep that in mind when starting up a group project. :slight_smile:

I just sent a PM

Hey whiteshade01 I would happily want to make a free Fps kit for the community I pretty good with photoshop and I new to unreal so it would be a great learning experience for me!

Hey whiteshader01 I would happily make a free fps kit with you or just simply make an fps game I would be interested either way. I am fairly new to unreal engine and have only used it currently for a few month I am pretty good with photoshop so I could defiantly help with making huds and icons if needed!