Anyone using UE4 professionally? Game dev roles


Over the past few months i’ve become increasing interested in working in UE4. I currently work as a visual effects supervisor but i’m interested in what ‘roles’ people have in a game dev pipeline.

Are there guys (or gals) specializing in making materials all day? What about particles? or are the roles within game dev much boarder?

To compare to a Post production VFX pipeline we have trackers, modelers, texture and lighting, animation, and compositing.

Are there typically specialists or generalists in a game dev company?

Thanks for your time,

Take a look at the “career” site from epic games or other companies. Then you know how large companies organise their teams/what every position has to do -> ://

The view from a small indie dev. team :slight_smile: ->

-3d artist -> meshes, animations, textures, skeletal meshes, concept arts
-programmer -> gameplay, UI, AI, plugins
-sound artist -> music, sound effects, sound implementation, dialogues
-technical artist -> materials, maps, light, effects, import/export, blueprint programming, “allrounder”

Thanks , I’ll check it out.