Anyone using MODO?

I utterly confused about how to properly set my scene in MODO - and how to properly export/import my animations.

I’ve tried following the one tutorial I could find online, but I’m still getting errors.

Is there a pipeline walk-through somewhere? I need some basic step-by-step documentation.

Check out this video, from min 55 for simple character animation and animation export

Im currently learning Modo (switching over from 3DS Max).

Although Im far dfrom being an expert, the simple workflows of Modo made it possible to be within 3 weeks nealy as productive as with Max which I used for years.

And a big helper in not only learning Modo (including animation), but also exporting to UE, is a swiss guy named Peter Stammbach.
He is awesome !!! :smiley:

Here are some of his Modo tutorials :

I love especially the latest one : how to bring the rounded edge shader into Unreal Engine :smiley:

Needless to say that Im totally excited about Modo. Modeling and UVing is easy and a flawless import workflow with Unreal Engine

These are awesome links; thanks guys! Watching Barry’s video now.

Quick question. I know UE4 needs a skeleton to import animation. Are locators the same as bones for UE4? I have to animate a multi-item hard-surface machine. I don’t really need to bind/deform, just parent all the meshes to locators. Will UE4 recognize locators as bones?


Hmm… Havent tried that yet, but this guy’s fish is surely swimmin :smiley:

Welp, that’s why I love MODO. Bones = plain locators with special visualization enabled(box which getting smaller towards another locator which parented to current locator). It’s not some special magic kind of objects like in 3dsMax, for example. So if you create 2 locators and then parent one to another - viola, you have a bone! Skeleton tool in rigging section is just a convenient shortcut for creating automatically parented and correctly oriented locators so you don’t have to do it manually :slight_smile:

And yes, just parenting all meshes to locators will work