Anyone use True Sky Plugin?

Hey all, just recently licensed a copy of True Sky from this link.
I followed this link:
And followed it all the way to the part where it says.
“Get the trueSKY UE4 fork from GitHub. If you are using a different UE4 codebase, pull changes from the Simul fork, and merge.”
But when i click on the link, or attempt to search Github for TrueSky, it apparently cant be pulled up, like it does not exist. It gives me a 404 error on github.O_o
Anyone else possibly know how to install this Github fork, or is familar with the TRUE SKY plugin installation?
Thanks in advance.

Hey Tosaka,

You’ll need to ask them, as this is not an Epic product we can’t provide support for their website. The link doesn’t work for me, either.