anyone tried the new amd ryzen 1800 or 1800x with ue4?

hello i’m just planing to buy my next computer and i’m just wondering if anyone here has just tried the new amd ryzen processors (1800x or 1800) with the ue4?

at this moment i have an intel i7 3820 and i’m planing to`buy an intel i7-6850K but i’m open to hear any advice or sugestion about the new amd ryzen processors.

thank you in advance for all the help.

There’s a thread about the 1700 and Ryzen with some benchmarks. If I remember correctly, the 1700 is slightly faster at lightmass baking than a 6 core i7 like the 5820k, but was much slower at compiling the engine from source.

thank you ZacD, i will try to find that threat.

As someone who has had both intel and AMD processors, I say go with the intel that suits you best. I personally have a 5820k and its great. It does run a little warm at times, but I need to double check my thermal paste application.