anyone tried a landscape material other than default islandblendmaterials?

I haven’t seen any mods that are trying landscape materials other than the default ‘islandblendmaterials’. I’d be interested from hearing from anyone who has successfully used a landscape material other than the default islandblendmaterials as that is what I’m having problems rendering correctly ingame. Or if any smarter mod developers out there could try creating their own unique landscape material and seeing it successfully render ingame that would be helpful to know too towards repeating those steps successfully if there is something I missed.


Was explained in the tutorial here: If it happens to be bugged, I am unaware.

That tutorial isn’t using a landscape, just some untextured cubes.

Those un-textured cubes are not assets present in ARK normally. I have literally never done material creation before, so I will just quickly throw something together. I glanced over at the tutorial here, I screen shot this thread (because I’m certain this thread isn’t a texture in ARK :rolleyes:), created a new material, imported the texture, made a new material, threw that texture in to the material as a texture sample, gave it a texcoord with a -1 UTiling (since it was inverted), created a vector for a normal map (I bet a dev will laugh at me because I am sure I am doing something horribly wrong), linked them up, applied the material to the mesh, copied in the UE4 mesh to the mod folder, renamed it and applied it to the floor, set the floor collision to ground, threw in the post process blueprint, tested it in the editor, saved everything, cooked, uploaded, and ran it. I hope you can appreciate the humor of this experiment but honestly hope it helps you to create your own materials. :smiley:

The result

Let me know if there is something that I’m not understanding in your request, but for the most part you can find how to do just about anything in the UE4 manual.

Edit I covered how to get a material asset in to the game, as for creating one specifically for a landscape from scratch follow this tutorial.

Lol! Freaking used the Thread!

Drathek you are awesome for trying that out and I appreciate it, my problem is more specifically with applying a material to a landscape and getting it to show up correctly ingame. When I’m doing a level from scratch and importing a landscape from a heightmap and applying a layer-blended material(of say three or more textures(low,medium,high slopes), I’m able to do that fine(using the UE4 links mentioned) in editor - my problem comes with ingame not rendering correctly and I am thinking maybe it is specific to applying materials to a landscape vs a cube like you have demonstrated. Let me play with the SmallIsland example and see what results I get working from that simpler template and if I can reproduce the issue there. Thanks again for sharing what you demonstrated and the help you have given everyone.


I had a couple times where I loaded up the main game (editor worked fine) and the texture was entirely white. Once I selected a normal map for the texture though it was able to load fine. If for whatever reason it wont fully render be sure to look over everything the UE4 manual does for setting up landscape materials (in the edit of my post above). I wish the editor was as picky about rendering as the main game so I wouldn’t have to cook and upload just to see it not work.