Anyone spotted how to adjust the tree/stone respawn distance?

Quite a lot of posts on the Steam forums regarding this… just wondering if anyone has noticed where it can be reduced so that trees/stones will respawn a lot closer to foundations?

I suspect not… probably an override value needed in PrimalGameData at some point.

I think I saw something regarding that in one of the patch notes with the server adjustments. As in a value you can adjust just like for example gather rates, I may be wrong though.

It is indeed possible by editing the harvest components. For trees, there is a harvesting component wood, extra wood, and less wood BP. In those they havethe item it drops, the distance they respawn, and the time it takes to respawn. I believe you can make them children (need to make sure when I get home from work) and they need to be remapped in the primal game BP. I tested and it does work. I had trees and stones respawning in 2 min or less at a distance of roughly 20 meters. By the way, you need to start on a fresh map for the changes to take place if you are trying to do it for a saved ark.

Ah thanks.

But by Thor’s bloody hammer you’d have to remap/reference anything and everything that interacts with the new child resources… Dino harvesting, player harvesting, construction of every structure, fuel inventories, fuel types…

Methinks… Too complex and hard without a vanilla override.

Here’s the strange thing, and I just may need to play around with it some more, if you simply modify the harvesting components of stone wood metal obsidian crystal and oil you only have to modify the harvesting components as long as they are remapped in the primal game data. Even if you customized only stone, as long as you remapped it everything that uses or drops stone (actually harvesting components need to be changed to use the new stone) will reference the new stone. In the harvesting components you don’t have to make everything custom though. So you only change stone and the others can stay at default. With dinodeathharvesting it is much more complicated. I did a simple test on it only editing raw meat drops for the dinodeathharvestingcomponent_tiny that is dropped by dilos dodos and dimorphs and i had to reference the harvesting component and all the dino characters. Not a big deal if you were only editing those, but to have every dino drop custom meat you would have to child, edit, and remap every dino harvesting component and each dino character BP. That would be a lot of work.