Anyone slightly experienced with Scaleform/AS still around? (one last bug to fix with udkfrontend)

The bug has to do with using a scrolling list in a settings view (filled with menu_item_setting items), with more than 7 items, the option steppers will not be updated correctly when the list scrolls, only the option names are updated correctly.

I’ve tried many workarounds and they all have massive drawbacks or don’t work, and it would be so much simpler to just track down and fix the original bug causing this issue, which I haven’t been able to do even with tons of digging in the actionscript of CLIK components. It also seems to be a very old bug so maybe someone knows something about this?

When this is fixed and I’m done with the menu which should be very soon, I’m going to release all my edits, files and notes from working with GFXUDKFrontEnd, the way I already released some materials in my other thread.

ciox, I think you’re probably the one around here with the most experience in Scaleform. I’m doing a lot with it, but I’m probably doing it all wrong. I was actually just thinking about how much I’d like to hire you to fix my menus. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to fix the bug… if anyone else wants to take a crack at it, the issue is most likely with either the SetData function or how DataProviders are handled in the actionscript files and and related classes.

The workaround is to make new settings screens with new flash files where you have more options stacked up in columns on the same screen, I’ll upload those soon.
Note that when you do this, it’s very important to resize the “list” element so it completely encloses all the list items or the keyboard focus order will break.

Sadly I think you’re right, we really should have taken advantage of the time when Matt was still around. Is there a lot to fix? Tbh I still have quite a bit of work to do before I can say I’m a menus expert.

Everything is working as intended, but it’s a mess. You see, I jumped right into the “make a UI with Scaleform” tutorials, thought I knew enough, and then started making all of my UIs. I had no idea what a view or view manager was. I don’t share graphics. I don’t make .as classes. I don’t bind widgets. I just program everything into the timeline in Flash, import it, and then communicate between ActionScript and UnrealScript with lots of and ActionScriptVoid()s. I switch from one menu to another with Kismet. It’s pretty scary, but technically, it works.