Anyone Own an Epic Mega games game?

So… Does anyone own a boxed game From Epic when they were Epic Mega games? Because that would be :cool:!
Here are some examples:
Ken’s labryinth,
Jazz Jackrabbit,
ZZT! And many more!

Ken’s Labyrinth

Awesome! :slight_smile:

They were still Epic MegaGames during Unreal 1 so Unreal 1 :slight_smile:

That works too!

I had Epic Pinball somewhere but lost box since. So i kind of own it and dont.

That’s a bummer. :frowning:

Yeah I also have a box of Epic Pinball… or at least I did. It may or may not be at my parent’s house and may or may not have been thrown away. Somewhere in that pile is a copy of Leisure Suit Larry too :smiley:


~ Jason

Have owned Jazz Jack Rabbit and Leisure Suit Larry ( no idea where they went ) and still own Unreal 1 :slight_smile:

I thought leisure suit larry was published by Sierra? (Or are you just saying you have that to?)

That’s a great one! but do you have any others?
ZZT is freeware. :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of games you can download from Epic MegaGames: RGB Classic Games - Company info for Epic MegaGames

How did I not know ZZT is freeware?!

~ Jason


~ Jason

Ken’s labryinth is to. Also, I think one of the Jazz jackrabbit games is.

Maybe Humble Hearts and me?!

I played Jackrabbit, but had no idea they were responsible for these games.

epic pinball and one must fall 2097