Anyone knows how to properly import Manuel Bastioni into UE4?

When I import Manuel Bastioni character into UE4 and animate it, it starts to deform in a really weird way.
Like this;

The version I’m using is 2.77 for Blender and 4.13 for UE.
I tried UE4 tool plugin(by Lluis) to export but it didn’t work.
I also changed export setting file, only to fail.
(Unticked Add leaf bones and tried all three options for the Smoothing; Face/Edge/Normals Only. Nothing worked.)
Anyone knows how to fix this? If so, PLZ share your wisdom.

Here is the answer you looking for link text

Thanks for the info. Sadly, I checked there a while back. As a matter of fact, I’m the one who posted comments. I was able to fix some of the problems described above - which was the weighting issue, btw - now I’m stuck with how to properly retarget animation to the skeleton. Gotta say, not easy :confused: