Anyone know why the AnimStarterPack is not compatible with 4.27?

Hi all, I have an existing 4.27 project. UE Games launcher gave me an error when trying to add the AnimStarterPack. Anyone know exactly what problems it causes?

I went around the issue by adding the pack to a different project created in an earlier version of UE 4.2x. Then exported the pack into my 4.27 project.

I’m having problems trying to modify an animation after doing a change from one skeleton to another. Both Skeltons are UE skeletons.

Probably just hasn’t been upgraded on the marketplace end of things.
–every engine update we creators are expected to go in and flick a checkbox… –

The chances its actually incompatible are literally less than 0.

Create a project for whatever other engine version you keep around and upgrade the project.

OR, add it to the project anyway. I think that’s become an option in the last year or so.

You and everyone else should however be aware that the animations within have a broken wrist and only work correctly if the retarget settings on the skeleton are set to skeleton.
If you use Animation (scaled or whatever other flavor) you’ll see what I mean.

Ok, thanks, I will try creating a new project that is 4.26, import the anim pack and the belica stuff and see what happens…