Anyone know why my branch keeps returning accessed none?

Hey all following this tutorial series to try to get an inventory system for my npcs at around ep 4. you actually get to test some ■■■■ and for some reason one of my branches keeps returning accessed none.

These tuts are super short so far so it’s not even that complex; like 5 functions and some basic blue prints. I tweaked it a little to try to get it to fit with my needs (each npc has it’s own inventory) but even then it’s not that cray cray.

The code I have that’s messing up

Basically my npc walks into the mesh on the ground and the overlap event doesn’t even fire since that branch is returning accessed none. On the ep. 4 vid I just set my pickup actors functionality into my bp master as it made more sense for me, but even setting it up exactly as he had it, it’s still not working for some reason.

If you open up Item_Struct (where you can add new variables to the struct), is the bool set to true or false?
I can imagine that getting the class defaults on a struct actually returns the Struct itself and not what is contained int eh deault settings for the BP. Please come back with that information and we can take it from there!

It is not, but it doesn’t work if set to true or false.

When you say accessed none, do you mean that the branch is false? As in that the bool is false. Accessed none usually refers to you trying to access an object reference that is not set. A boolean is either true or false, it cannot be null.