Anyone know why config files sometimes get reset when starting a new game?

This is something I’ve noticed with other Unreal engine games like Bioshock, usually if there’s a crash your settings can get wiped out. Just about everything goes but most importantly the game and input config files go so you have to redo your custom keyboard bindings and all your video/audio/game settings.

Is there anything a dev can do to prevent this and give the user a less crappy experience? With other games all you could do was set the files to read-only IIRC.

I want to complain that this still happens even now, just started my game and it’s windowed at a small resolution, all other settings reset, all keybindings reset, etc.
This even though I haven’t touched the .ini files in a long time. UDK is July 2013.

Why does this happen?

I have a suspicion that it’s something to do with the Default/UDK ini thing, possibly that something modifies the Default files triggering a reset of the UDK files, but I’m not sure what that could be.

This thread suggests that it’s related to daylight savings??? What???

Daylight savings did indeed trigger last night. So maybe it’s true?

Hello my friend.

To avoid this problem, I made my changes on the Default config files inside** UDKGame\Config**


So if you setup all your custom key bindings directly in **UDKGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini **they will NOT reset.


Hello, that works for initial default settings, but if you have a menu for the player to interact with, config arrays and console commands like “SetBind” will create changes in the UDK files and not the Default files, and those will get broken regularly.

This is a problem I’ve also noticed. Over the weekend (when the clocks changed in Europe), I had many reports of players (and dedicated servers) resetting back to their default values.

This also means the same thing will happen next week when the clocks change for western players.

I’m not really sure how to prevent this. I also find it very annoying that if one value changes in a Default*.ini file, then it completely wipes out the corresponding UDK*.ini values (rather than selectively choosing the value that may have changed).

The only way I can see to get around this (without source code access), would be to store necessary config values in your own file and load them in when the engine starts. This seems like a pretty gross way of dealing with it, however it is how I handle many other things such as player stats, save game management, player bans, etc.

Yeah, that makes sense, it would be pretty annoying though, moving keybindings, settings, everything to a custom ini file, you’d have to rebind all the keys and everything on startup with console commands.
I’m going to try and figure it out if there isn’t a way to stop this nonsense from happening… that tool they’re talking about doesn’t look like it’s of any use at all unless you have a special game launcher executing it every day before the actual game runs, like the Toxikk devs have.

If all you want to do is prevent this from happening, the -noini command line argument might help.

It might also prevent you from making any ini changes though.

Oh that’s interesting, maybe “NOAUTOINIUPDATE” also works and is less destructive?

I’ll have to check it out, I was thinking to create some kind of launcher or special shortcut with commandline arguments for the game anyway.