Anyone know where to find tutorials on in-engine tutorials?

Trying to find it on google is impossible. I just wanna know how to open a blueprint, and how to open to a specific part of a blueprint. Documentation would be great too!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I went through the same trouble while trying to find them. Everything that has the word tutorial just gets thrown at you in the results.

Not sure if there is any documentation on it, but there is an old 5 min tutorial on Youtube.

Nice! At least some basics are there.

Yeah it’s a trainwreck lol

I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to open the materials editor. I also don’t see how the doc on material nodes lines up with version 4.23 in terms of different starting nodes or whatever. It seems like I’m trying to learn how to align the docs with the engine more than learning from the docs on how to use the engine.

It’s been a common problem with UE4 since Epic started letting devs get their hands on it. There was literally 0 documentation or tutorials back then, everything has been filled in by people figuring things out really. Even still the documentation is incredibly outdated. Most things I see are pre-4.10

*shout out to Rama wherever that kid is now. thx for saving me an incredible amount of frustration. *

Your best bet is finding a tutorial on YouTube or Google tbh.

I second what @TSpartanT said. Your best bet when starting out is to find a Youtube tutorial series that goes over the basics of how to use the different parts of the editor. Documentation is best left to be used when you have to look up info about specific nodes. And even in that regard, I’d easily recommend Mathew Wadstein’s tutorials over the official documentation. They’re far more informative and covers a lot more ground.