Anyone know what this error means?

So I’ve made a dialogue macro to print text letter by letter like you see in games like final fantasy. It working fine but every I run it I get a that says some thing like this. “PIE: Error: Blueprint Runtime Error: Attempted to access index -1 from array CallFunc_GetCharacterArrayFromString_ReturnValue55 of length 9! from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_Dialogue_Master’ from node: Play Diolouge in graph: EventGraph in object: Dialogue_Master with description: Attempted to access index -1 from array CallFunc_GetCharacterArrayFromString_R
eturnValue55 of length 9!” What does this mean?

That fixed it thanks for the help

Looks like you are resetting the “Letter Number” to 0 at the end on the true branch, so the next time it’s run it subtracts 1 from zero, which is out of array bounds.

Easiest way to fix it is just set it to 1 instead of 0.

Hope that helps!