Anyone know what happened to plugins in 4.19?

I can’t find documentation anywhere, but everything has gone screwy. Components that I create in plugins can no longer be added to actors inside the editor. The editor treats the class like it doesn’t exist at all. In addition to this, the marketplace team gets load of errors that I don’t. They can’t even build the source I send them. Anyone know what happened?

I follow all the steps to reproduce “the way” marketplace plugins are compiled by Epic… I don’t get any error at all.
Then sometimes (many times) they report a lot of random errors I can’t reproduce then until I fix the problem I’m fixing C++ errors ‘blindly’.

The latest big annoyance their compiler over there was screaming about was that I referenced an object from a dead variable inside a function…
So I had to literally remove ONE character from the function (instead of “auto &MyStuff” do “auto MyStuff”) then resubmit and wait close to one week again.
Before submitting I packaged and test all in shipping builds, no errors. For Marketplace, a ton of errors ^^

Lots of fun :slight_smile: