Anyone know the workflow to get "Custom file format" into import list

I want to get my file format into this list of formats

Can any one help me to do that, if one knows the workflow of code or if any one knows any documentation available for this ?

Also i cant debug that file as it is “Read only” , so any one know how to debug “Read only files”?


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Ah so it was your question, don’t post questions as answer in some old questions.

Again, learn how to make new asset types (not UDataAsset which was created to make editor-less new asset type super easy), in progress you will create UFactory which is reponcple for creating new asset of perticilar type, it also have ability to implment import function

Best way is to check engine source code and see how enigne does that with other types, also you can look up some plugin that does that too, just search UFactory in UE4 GitHub. Be prepared that by importing you will need to hold the file data inside asset object (Asset object class) so it can be stored in uasset.

There also way to make virtual assets (assets without importing and creating uasset, just place file in content) i know FMOD plugin does that with FMOD banks so if you interested in that you can look up there:

Btw if anyone stumbles upon this the file where the asset seems to be defined is here fmod-for-unreal/FMODAsset.cpp at main · fmod/fmod-for-unreal · GitHub

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