Anyone know the best way to tackle loss of speed when pitching up and acceleration when pitching dwn

Trying to figure out how to tackle how to a flying character looses speed when pitching up and accelerates when pitching down. Should I try curves or play with velocity and force?

the thing is, that’s how real world physics works, if speed is constant, fighting gravity will slow you and falling with it will speed you up. if you really want to counteract that effect, i suppose you could multiply your speed value with the current pitch relative to normal pitch.
eg: if normal pitch is 0 and speed is 100 then speed will be 100 (flying straight).
if pitch is + 0.1 then 0.1*100 = 110 speed. that + 10 speed would counteract the effect of gravity, giving you a net speed of 100
now for decelerating when pitching down. that can be way more complicated as you cant just use something like: pitch = -0.2 and speed = 100 so 100 * -0.2 = 80 speed, gravity will keep accelerating you faster, that’s how it works, you would need something (like a deceleration thruster) to constantly fight gravity at an opposing angle to your fall.

Thank you. I’ll work on it.

It may not be very good help, but I did exactly this for my flying character mode. I made a breakdown on youtube where I go over my blueprint graph.
The aspect you mention I deal with using two curves. (Explained at 16:00 in the video). One for the angle of your character vs the vector 0,0,-1 (gravity). And a curve based on current speed. Those then calculate the lift. Its not physically accurate but gets the job done quite well. The acceleration comes from an input multiplier that autonomously applies based on the lift.

Awesome. Everything helps. I’m new at this. Completely. A good friend of mine and veteran programmer told me learning C++ would not be a good thing and just screw me up and that Unreal was designed to do the script base stuff which helps me a lot as I’m a terrible typist and get things backwards all the time. So I search and read and slowly begin to understand what’s what. Plus MayaLT being only $30.00 a month I can finally do what I wanted to for so long. Build a game I want to play. Here’s what I have so far. It’s the first 3d modeling I’ve done in over 20 years. Having a blast and this community makes it even cooler. . There’s a long way to go and the animations and flight are sloppy but getting the flying down is waaay more important right now as it’s the ground work I need. Thanks again. Also the work you do is awesome!