Anyone know how to go about creating a star ceiling?

I’m not getting much love in the Autodesk forum so excuse me if this isn’t the right platform for asking this because this is aimed at Vray in particular in 3Ds Max.

I’m looking at creating a starlight ceiling like this:

What’s the best method?

I’m going to try 3 different diameter cylinders using the scatter mod protruding through a plane (my ceiling) and then using Vray light material or standard Vray material with self illuminationbut not sure if this is the right way.

This is not the place to ask about Vray, try Polycount or an autodesk forum. People here know about gamedev, not much about things like Vray.

How about a plane with many holes in it. then a light rectangular and thats it.

A black texture with white dots drawn on it, then make an material and push the emissive channel over 1 to make the white dots bloom and glow.

Or am I over simplifying what you’re trying to do?