Anyone know how to get APEX clothing or any clothing simulation working in Sequencer in 4.25?

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to use some assets with APEX clothing in 4.25 sequencer. I read a few posts saying to use something in the Anim BP and other saying to Simulate with Alt+S. The Alt+S method of just Simulating doesn’t work, and from what I saw on the Anim BP side there were not clear instructions on what I need, just references to the live stream - which I watched and didn’t help…

Does anyone know how to get this working?

Could this be related to the issue - UE-95270 ? Which might be fixed in 4.26 ?

Allowing ClothBlendWeight in sequencer sounds like it would do the trick, but you need to add the ClothBlendWeight parameter from the SkeletalMeshComponent - which doesn’t seem present in 4.25 from what I can see.