Anyone know how to actually use this Feature on a metahuman character

I want to know how to use this eyelook feature to control where my metahuma looks in realtime.
MetaHuman Global Eye look control

I have previously done this on a standard character with eye bones via a Anim BP but, When I moved the eye bones on the metahuman the eyes never moved :frowning:
I noticed in the post-process facial rig AnimBP there was a control rig node for the neck and it has inputs to directly access joints, But trying to do the same for the face I am unable to find out how to add those inputs to control the variables to control the eyes. I need some help trying to understand the process for these Thanks

Seriously Nobody Knows How to use metahumans?

I cant affect a single facial bone in the skeleton when trying to manipulate them?
Only the Head bone.