Anyone interested in Fantasy Character Pack?

Hi there,

Here is a model I’m thinking of bringing into the Market place, would anyone be interested in this model?

How much would willing to pay?


Sorry, but in my opinion this character is too game specific. I mean, things on the marketplace should be customizable or just neutral. And this model, although awesome, is too “game designed”.

How about something like this

Well, this is already way better because it can be used as a neutral grunt for example :slight_smile: . I suppose many people would buy a pack with a few characters like this one.

Problem with characters on marketplace is that I cannot pick coherent set of characters, there are some done with very good quality, but never more than 1 or 2 in matching set.

That cartoony style is much better, because it can fit multiple types of games, but it needs more than 1 character from this set/style.

You should make set that contains: male and female main character, then around 5-6 secondary characters, few more background ones, and 4-5 enemy/monsters. Sell them all in small packs or separate with bundle package at some discount. I know its around 15 characters and dozen of monsters, but such set would have value for me (if it matches my game theme), while single characters are of no use for me.

So pick style you love to create, and do bigger set of characters, and maybe few props so you can render small scenes as background.

PS. also psd files for textures and masks would be really welcome, this simplifies creating color variations etc.

Am not sure but i think Marketplace only allows to sell uassets.

It has a distinctive style, but I wouldn’t say it isn’t useful. You would definitely need to include more than one model though for to be worth it. Ultimately its up to the developer and what artistic vision they’re going for. This reminds me of some Final Fantasy styled soldiers, and plenty of people are trying to make RPGS, i’m sure JRPGs no less. People would be more inclined to purchase if they know that there are more similar models, or perhaps that you will continue to add to it so that they won’t just be stuck with one character or character set and then have no where else to look for supporting assets. If there is a stead stream of content with this style, I could see it doing well. But that’s just my opinion on the matter. =)