Anyone interested in collaboration with us?<< Medieval RPG "Neo Ice Age"<game idea

Hello, we are a small new independent game studio, and we are currently finishing up the story for our next game idea. We have changed it from our old one used in some of our other threads. We have laid out some basic procedures for Kickstarting our game. We are also currently planning out the Kickstarter cinematic teaser trailer for the game. The main question is, is there anyone who is looking to simply collaborate on the game for fun. We will of course be hiring official employees, however, we are looking for people who are interested in working on this type of game. The basic idea is that the game has to do with a new ice age. If you are interested in working with us, all relevant professions welcome, please post down below in the comments. We do not wish to reveal the highly secretive, very interesting story to everyone, so please ask for the story and we will give you the full in-depth version. You can of course read the story first and decide if your interested after. I can tell you that this game is really like no other. I am sure that has been said 100s of times, but I personally do feel that it is. Thank you for your time

P.S. If you have any trouble, concerns or questions please email us here:

Hey I do 3D work, do you have a website I can look at?

At the moment the website is still under development. We will be launching it asap. Here is the domain: If you would like to work with us, we can more closely explain details/show examples here: